Cookie Policy

We, as Bogazici BC Teknoloji Yatirim ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi (“Company”), ​​use cookies for various purposes on our Site, like many websites, and we process your personal data through these cookies. .

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are very small text files, generally consisting of letters and numbers, saved on your computer (or other devices such as smartphones or tablets) via browsers by the websites you visit. Cookies are created by the servers that manage the website you visit. Thus, when the visitor visits the same site, the server can understand it.

Which Cookies Are Collected For Which Purposes?

Cookies are mainly used to perform the basic functions required for the operation of the Site, to analyze the Site, to increase the performance and functionality of the Site, to provide ease of use, and to understand visitor usage habits.

Session Cookies

Session cookies are temporary cookies that are used during our visitors' visit to the Site and are deleted after the browser is closed.

The main purpose of using these cookies is to ensure that the Site works properly during the visit.

Persistent Cookies

Persistent cookies are cookies used to increase the functionality of the site and to provide better service to visitors.

These cookies are used to remember visitor preferences and are stored on the device used through browsers. If you visit the Site again with the same device thanks to permanent cookies, it will be checked whether there is a cookie created by the Site on your device and if it is understood that you have visited the site before, the content to be sent to you is determined accordingly. and thus providing you with a better service.

Authentication Cookies

If visitors log in to the Site using their username and password, these cookies prevent the user from re-entering their password on each page by determining that the visitor is a site user on each page they visit.

Technical Cookies

The operation of the Site is ensured by means of technical cookies and the problems on the Site are detected.

Personalization Cookies

Cookies used to remember users' preferences on different pages of the Site.