About Us
To me, healthy living is not a luxury but a necessity.
My mission is to meet this need for everyone and turn my assistance into a lifetstyle.
My Roots
The main aim is to make a top-tier, valid and healthy diet accessible. Seeing a dietitian is difficult and expensive. Finding the right, expert dietitian at affordable prices is exhausting. You don't have the time anyway.
I was born to solve this problem.
What am I? What am I not.
I'm Fit Brokoli. I'm not just a dietitian. I'm more, I'm different and I'm at your service. I'm unheard of. I'm a real experience that makes the best counselling available to all, learning from countless clients and constantly evolving. You'll notice this as soon as we start talking.
I'm real. I'm here for you with real ditetians who will take care of you personally.
I'm here for a long term relationship. I will give you healthy and lasting habits. The more I talk, the better I will get to know you and the better I will help you. Fortunately, we have unlimited communication possibilities without an artificial voice coming between us!
Why and how do I exist?
I am the largest and most knowledgeable dietitian in Turkey and the world, providing the best service to tens of thousands of clients. I told you, I'm more than a dietitian!
I am learning new information from all our clients. I use what I have learned to help my new clients. I convey my collective knowledge to you one-on-one with my expert dietitians. Sometimes our dietitians may change, but you will always know about it.
Remember, a hello is all it takes for a better you!
Management Team
Bekir Şirin
After graduating from Boğaziçi University with a degree in Business Administration, he went on to complete a master's degree in Financial Engineering at the same institution. He began his career gaining experience in various industries such as FMCG, audit, sales, and finance. Having a desire to bring his ideas to life and create new organizations, he has taken on the identity of a "serial entrepreneur" and has successfully initiated several projects since 2010. Currently, he is involved in managing the Growth team at Fit Brokoli and is responsible for all matters related to the company, working towards achieving healthy and rapid growth.
Doğu Gül
Head of Marketing & Customer Experience
Graduating from Boğaziçi University with a degree in Political Science, he has since gained experience in both agency and private sector settings. Has a curious nature. His expertise lies in various aspects of communication, having held roles as a project manager, strategist, and creative director. By the 10 years of experience, he found himself in marketing where he could combine his latents effectively.
Ecenaz Özcengiz
Head of Dietitian Experience
Proud owner of a Business Administration degree from Boğaziçi University. She has a wide range of experience in fields such as marketing strategies, consulting and project management. She is known for her ability of looking at matters from different perspectives and finding effective solutions with the knowledge at hand. She has also successfully managed various projects at Fit Brokoli since its establishment. She is currently busy building the infrastructure necessary for dietitians to become superheroes with the Dietitians Experience team at Fit Brokoli.
İnsu Tezkan
After graduating from İstanbul University Faculty of Law, she had the opportunity to work in various international law firms and an FMCG company. Then she had explored various fields of law by establishing her own law firm. Eventually, she found herself drawn to the dynamic atmosphere of Fit Brokoli. With over 12 years of work experience, she has been providing legal support to Fit Brokoli in all matters since its establishment and is working towards making Fit Brokoli a globally recognized brand.
Kaan Aslanalp
COO & Head of Product
After graduating from Boğaziçi University Department of Industrial Engineering, he has held various roles such as marketing specialist, customer manager, and e-commerce sales channel manager in different sectors for over 4 years. He decided to venture into entrepreneurship with a desire to create new businesses that create value. He is involved in all aspects of Fit Brokoli while working closely with the Growth & Expansion team to expand the company's reach.
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